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I have been examining the extent to which Tattvic Tides affect ritual work or simply the nature of personal experience either on a conscious or unconscious level.
There are numerous traditions (Vedic, Buddhist, Hindu & Tibetan Tantra) related to the Tattvas - some from Rama Prasad, another from Kapila Sankya and more recently the Theosophical Society and the Golden Dawn.
my question therefore is "Has anyone on Tantra Tribe worked with these harmonic waves and what effects have they experienced in their work?
It is usually presumed that these tides connect all natural phenomena and experience and like russian dolls there is a polarisation of a tide within a tide ad infinitum from the most gross to the most sublime. Calculation seems to require vast tables or a phd in mathematics and quantum theory.....phew!

the following is an extract from the internet by way of introduction:

"Planetary Hours are the "timing" of when a ritual should be performed for maximizing the effects and results. For example: If you wanted to do a "reading" via Tarot or I-Ching regarding health, most magical procedures would recommend that you perform this reading during the hours of Jupiter. Each planet has specific attributes. Surrounding oneself with corresponding attributes is a very effective way of enhancing the quality and effectiveness of a ritual. This concept of planetary hours is quite old. From Hindu tradition comes the concept of Tattvas, or the Tattvic Tides. The lunar tides and how they influence daily life is well known. More subtle "tides" were observed and recognized by Buddhist tradition. These tides are known as the Tattvas, and that unseen medium in which they flow is known as Prana.

The most propitious seasons for magical work are Spring and Summer, but this need not preclude such work during Autumn and Winter. The incidence of the cosmic currents from these tides is thought to coincide with the Solstices and Equinoxes. They are:

Prithivi Tattva December 23rd. to March 21s
Taijas Tattva March 21st. to June 21st
Vayu Tattva June 21st. to September 23rd
Apas Tattva September 23rd. to December 23rd

This was considered to be the state of matter which is the next stage above terrestrial matter, and has often been referred to as "etheric matter." One way to visualize this is as the earth revolves on its axis, and also travels at the same time around the sun, centers of stress are set up in the magnetic sphere of the earth. During the day of any part of the earth's surface, that part sends out a positive current from East to West. So there is a steady current, or tide, in the magnetic sphere of the earth, flowing from East to West.

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    > Calculation seems to require vast tables or a phd in mathematics and quantum theory.....phew!

    Dude, just express everything in spherical coordinates. Then you will see that the eigenfunctions of the tides are easily expressible in terms of spherical harmonics and radial Bessel functions.

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