Chakra just below the sternum?

topic posted Sat, December 26, 2009 - 8:32 AM by  Tanemon
I've read about various conceptions of where "the seven main" chakras are located in the human subtle body. (Yes, I realize some teachers have been saying for a while that there are eight main ones, some say 12, etc.).

Okay. But I'm wondering: Among the main ones, is there a chakra located just below the sternum, corresponding with the fleshy area above what would normally be called "the belly"? IOW, below the heart chakra.

I know some people in the martial arts refer to this area as the solar plexus - but many people think of the solar plexus as being somewhat lower ("halfway between the sternum and the navel"). To be more specific, if you touch the bottom of your sternum and then proceed downward to a point JUST below it... this is where I'm asking about.

So if you know the location that I mean, then I ask: what is this chakra (if there is one) and what is it's function said to be?
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    Sat, December 26, 2009 - 9:50 AM
    Genevieve Pauson wrote a book claled 'kundalini and the Chakras'. She gives an overview of hudnreds of chakra ponts throughout the body, what they influence, what tey look like in, and out of, balance. I have consistently found her insight to be accuratge.

    she identifies the Xiphoid process' chakra, at the very bottom of the breatbone, where the short ribe begin. it is the 'nlik' between the lower chakras, and the heart, and helps to sieve what is, and is not, healhty for us to accept.

    This works well with my experience. The solar bplexus, exactly between the Heart and Navel, is a center of prayer and intentions. The Heart focuses our unconditional love. when we pass our intentions into our heart, they 'turn on'

    the Xiphoid process hangs out inbetween these two, and acts like a gatekeeper for our prayers... helping us discern which work well for us, and which do not.
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    Sat, December 26, 2009 - 7:52 PM
    instead of reading profusely I decided to first concentrate on the energy relationships with the location you mentioned.
    it is slightly below the solar plexus and acts like a kind of a stand to the solar plexus. if the solar plexus was a head, the point i was concentrating on is the scarf around a neck.
    it connects to points below the kidneys sort of in the muscle connected to the rear hips.
    one on each side. I feel very strongly that these are related to travel.
    I got the imagery of a owl flying in a dark forest. it made me think of how the owl can travel where it wants to without being watched.

    the solar plexus... it is an energy vortex. it is the centre of your body.
    this point... it is not between the bottom of the sternum and the naval.
    well it is, but not directly. actually i feel the solar plexus directly underneath the bottom tip of the sternum.
    it is of course possible that the point varies from person to person.
    the best way for me to sense it is to imagine a pair of wings vaguely behind your back. imagine the light wings of energy and these wings are reaching out into the empty space of invisible energy. energy comes into these wings and you can generate energy from them and this energy flows inwards towards your body. some people think that wings would connect by your shoulder blades but you find that these wings do not connect your shoulder blades, they go lower down and connect to a point either side of your spine in the very centre of your back. right there at the back in the middle. if you feel that area where they connect, they are bringing the energy into the solar plexus and from there it can go through your body. if you can feel that location, you can know it is in the centre of your body and you can point to it on your front. it will most likely be right on the lower tip of your sternum.
    you may be able to feel the strong energy there spinning and turning.

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