Chakra that ends in the wedding ring finger

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Does anyone know anything about a minor chakra that is located at the wedding ring finger. I found a vague reference and I was wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about.
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    The Heart meridian in Chinese Medicine ends in the wedding ring finger. Not sure if that helps...
    • everything I've seen in print talks about secondary chakras in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. But I agree Bridget, I've only heard of the heart meridian ending in the ring finger.
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        The minor chakras in the hands lead directly to the Heart chakra. Bodyworkers are said to have highly-developed hand chakras, sometimes giving the "hot hand" feeling, which can become even more energetically charged when one receives Reiki attunements.

        The chakras on the soles of the feet are the Earth Star chakras, which is where the earth energy enters the body most easily. They are connected to the root chakra.

        But I do not not know if a specific ring finger chakra. I'll look in some of my books and see if there is any reference to such.

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          The thing is, my extrasensory perceptions have gotten stronger in the last few months and with that two things I don't understand have happened. One is that I strongly sense energy with my right hand. But I am in constant pain in my left arm, especially the ring finger. In fact I can't wear my engagement ring there at all, but wear it on my thumb. Any ideas? I bought both black and blue kyanite and some kind of amazing things have been happening in my body, but I still have the pain problem.
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            Wed, July 28, 2004 - 10:23 PM
            This may not have anything to do with your chakras. many years ago I had to stop wearing metal anywhere that it came directly in contact with my skin. I causes a type of tightness and headaches when I would try to wear earrings. Now I only wear plastic wire earrings. Try putting your wedding ring on a clothe or leather string for a while and see what happens, if the pain goes away that might be one big clue that it's the metal. Other than that, I dunno what to tell ya?
          • Reiki was mentioned earilier. If you are going through a change in your energy system this could help. Don"t rule out traditionalbodywork either, energetic changes can create physical issues.

            As for Chakras and energy channels the Pericardium & Triple burner run directly throught the ring finger the Pericardium being a deep channel (used in Qi Gong but not in bodywork) The heart channel crosses Between the little finger and ring finger ending in the little finger.

            From what you are saying I'm inclined to say It is the Pericardium/Triple burner system as it is related with a change in your overall energy balance.

            If you are undergoing a healing crisis as your energy shifts this grouping makes the most sense. The pericardium regulates the energy levels in the body especially the heart channel and releases excess through the palms of the hands (Laogong Cavity).

            I'd be interested to know if you have done or are inclined to do energy healing?
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              Re: Chakra that ends in the wedding ring finger

              Fri, July 30, 2004 - 12:52 AM
              I'm doing Qi Gung now and am getting back into yoga. I haven't seen anyone I trusted to do Reiki around here. I was doing a masters program last year in Traditional Chinese medicine but had to drop out.
              • Where are you at that you can't find a good reiki practitioner? Is it that you have an issue with your ring finger or that you just were curious...

                I have heard people talk about minor chakras in the fingers but I don't know any specifics sorry.

                I have a question about Qi Gong though. Do you find that when you have an energetic block it is intense? Possibly more so then if you were not doing Qi Gong?
              • Depending on the focus of your Qi Gong and yoga instructors and groups there may be something that can be done there or they may know someone locally that they feel can help.

                Qi Gong instructors run the spectrum of what they are comfortable being asked about. If your instructor is open ask about any exercises that balance the two hemispheres of the body. ("Wave Hands Like Clouds" is a common set of exercises that is easy to learn and would do this.)

                Yoga runs the same way there are great instructors out there that have no real experience with correcting energy flow.

                Let me know how things go, if needed get back to me and I will do what I can for you from here. I can send you a couple of qi gong exercises I'd recommend. We do have a Reiki tribe site they might be able to help in your search.
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                  Re: Chakra that ends in the wedding ring finger

                  Fri, July 30, 2004 - 10:44 AM
                  I have a big issue with my right arm in general and more intensely with the ring finger. If I put any kind of jewelry on that finger I begin to feel intense pain. On my wrist, it's as if my wrist rejects some jewelry but not others, and it goes in fits and spurts. In a book that had sanskrit drawings I noted that the particular spots that hurt on my left arm and finger correspond with chakras on the drawing. I have been unable to find any information on this however which is why I have posted. I'm in Redlands, CA. I no longer have a Qi Gung instructor so any exercises you could give me would be helpful. I learned Qi Gung when I was doing my masters program in Los Angeles. I haven't heard about anyone doing Reiki around here that I would actually trust.